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"Great therapists and staff. Would highly recommend. "
Mar 20, 2019
"Absolutely 100% satisfied with my results! Completely recommend City Park Physical Therapy! Great staff! Top notch! "
Mar 19, 2019
"I improved 100% the best experience ever."
Mar 15, 2019
Mar 13, 2019
"Outstanding patient care! Help me understand the mechanics of my issue! I will certainly recommend highly!!!"
Feb 27, 2019
"Excellent. Everyone was friendly and professional...very helpful in recovering from knee surgery. Highly recommend!"
Feb 14, 2019
"The therapists at City Park Physical Therapy are very talented, kind and encouraging. I would definitely return here if I needed to. "
Feb 14, 2019
"I came to City Park PT for knee problems. I found the crew to be very knowledgeable, patient, and personable. A program was planned for my needs and modified as necessary. In just six sessions my knee was almost 100 per cent and, moreover, I felt better over all and inspired to join a fitness center. In addition, my program was printed so that I can continue the exercises on my own at home with therabands. I highly recommend City Park PT. (Parking is very easy- right in front). "
Jan 24, 2019
"First time at physical therapy. It was extremely effective. I was happy to see how quickly my shoulder improved.. Randy was great."
Jan 03, 2019
"When I started, I was Humpty Dumpty. They put me back together again after a really bad bicycle accident. Randy and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional. They were very understanding of what bad shape I was in but helped me quickly progress towards rehabilitating my shoulder. I highly recommend this PT group for any physical rehabilitation you might need."
Nov 28, 2018
"I highly recommend City Park Physical Therapy! The staff is most capable, courteous and friendly. My recovery began with my first treatment and was quite speedy. Very knowledgeable and skilled. Well done!"
Nov 07, 2018
"Thank you Mr. Randy and the City Park team for easing my sever shoulder and back pain in just a few sessions. Dry needling is worth it! Thanks again."
Oct 18, 2018
"As an orthopaedic nurse for 33 years, I have heard a few PT tales!! My experience at CPPT was wonderful in every way. The facility was lovely and super convenient. The staff was friendly, kind and knowledgeable. Charles Kirchem, my therapist, helped me achieve my goals in a timely fashion. It was an all around positive experience. I left feeling as though I was leaving family. I highly recommend them to my patients and anyone planning total knee replacement!!!"
Oct 02, 2018
"I am 54 years old, and when my left shoulder started hurting me, I thought that was just me getting old. And that aches and pains and decreasing mobility was just something I would have to tolerate and accept. But the pain in my shoulder starting waking me up and the last straw came when I tried to swim with my son, but could no longer move my left arm for the freestyle stroke. A friend suggested City Park Physical Therapy. When I walked in, I was greeted by upbeat staff in a cheery setting. My physical therapist, Brandie, was awesome!!! After the FIRST day of her treatment, my pain was reduced 75%!!! Brandie was my new best friend! My pain quickly subsided and we were able to work on increasing my range of motion. I just could not stop talking about Brandie! I could get a full night sleep, take a shower and get dressed without fear of pain. CPPT is a GAME CHANGER!!! Now that I am finishing my therapy sessions, I am ready to go swimming, cycling, yoga, whatever!!! I learned that pain and loss of motion is not something to be tolerated ANYMORE! Go see Brandie and my friends at City Park Physical Therapy!"
Sep 06, 2018
"Brandie was an excellent physical therapist. She gave me very helpful tips on exercises to keep my back and core strength at an optimal level. Her dry needling technique improved my healing time and relieved my pain efficiently. I would highly recommend her for any physical therapy needs. The staff was excellent, friendly and professional. Scheduling appointments were easily obtained."
Aug 15, 2018
"Great staff, Randy is very knowledgeable. I experienced excellent results and I highly recommend City Park PT. "
Aug 14, 2018
"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff..I would recommend this establishment to anyone I know that is in need of rehabilitation"
Aug 06, 2018
"City Park PT was excellent. They did a terrific job helping we recover from an ankle that broke in three places. Randy and the staff were fantastic. I would highly recommend them."
Jul 09, 2018
"Fantastic treatment! I went for a pinched nerve in the neck. Randy fixed that and went on to fix back problems that no other PT could fix! I highly recommend this facility. Staff is knowledgeable, hands-on and friendly. "
May 17, 2018
"It has been a great help in my recovery. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend using this facility."
May 17, 2018
"This was the best physical therapy place I've been to! I am a runner and have had many problems with my legs since I've been running. Randi helped me have the quickest and most efficient recovery! "
May 16, 2018
"City Park Physical Therapy has been a “Life Savior” for me regarding my Condition! I had a Very Bad Neck with hardly any movement! I began going to see Mr. Randy Rose twice a week for 6 weeks! Mr. Rose and his staff treated Me with kindness, understanding, And extreme concern! I have completed my treatments,I Have 95 percent movement in My Neck and feel like a New Person!!!!! Mr. Randy Rose will Never Have You Come Back Unnecessarily! Sister Mary Evelyn Fournet, RSM."
Mar 29, 2018
"If you need physical therapy, the only place to go is City Park Physical Therapy because it is the BEST. From Julie at the front desk to all of the therapists - Charles, Randy & Brandie - to all of the assistants - Maria, Penny & Jessica I have so much gratitude. I came in with a broken arm that I could barely move & now after several months of therapy, it is back to normal. I cannot thank the entire staff enough for their friendliness, patience, knowledge & kindness to me. In every way, City Park Physical Therapy is the very best! "
Mar 28, 2018
"Came to therapy for a severe pain in right buttock, walking was almost unbearable. After first visit had some relief. Then therapist, Randy Rose started with dry needling which worked wonders, after a month the pain was gone. Gave me exercise to do at home to keep from having any more problems. Also the staff are so knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend."
Feb 28, 2018
"City Park Physical Therapy was a wonderful experience for me. The therapists and staff were very knowledgeable and professional. It was so enjoyable going to therapy because everyone made me feel so special. I highly recommend City Park Therapy. "
Feb 23, 2018
"I was referred to City Park PT by my primary physician after my insurance rejected her request for imaging for lower left abdomen and upper back pain that was spreading to my spine. Inflammation and increasing pain was effecting my sleep, concentration at work, and general happiness. Having little experience with physical therapy and no clear diagnosis,I was hopeful but not overly optimistic about how much they could help me. Randy was meticulous in his evaluation and after about 30 minutes of questions and a methodical physical evaluation he located a torn muscle in my rib cage near but not directly adjacent to most of my symptoms. An unusual injury he told me. After the initial treatment which consisted largely of dry needling and stretching I felt improvement. 3 weeks later I feel like a new person. The therapy has gradually increased in spectrum and intensity to include cupping, low intensity weights, electrical muscle therapy, and more broad based stretching. Randy’s attention, knowledge, and earnest concern have made all the difference. I thought they could help me feel better if they knew what was wrong with me. I didn’t expect them to find my problem and help me so quickly. I was extremely fortunate to end up in their care. "
Feb 07, 2018
"Kind, firm, knowledgeable, confident, competant, provided guidance and direction, city park physical therapy did a good job. I would go back if needed"
Feb 07, 2018
"My son is a musician and college student and came home for the holidays with an injured hand. Julie Fradella went out of her way to get him an appointment for a splint, so he could resume his career."
Dec 25, 2017
"Charles and the staff were wonderful and very knowledgeable and attentive to my recovery. "
Dec 14, 2017
"I highly recommend this place if you're having issues with pretty bad scoliosis. I had it all my life and last 10 years or so got worse. With Randy Rose's help I'm a different person today. His services like dry needling, stretching exercises, and traction therapy worked their magic. I am pain-free now and can't believe how quickly he was able to help me. Also, his staff is extremely friendly and helpful. "
Nov 16, 2017
"I came in to address a torn rotator cuff, experiencing a fair amount of pain. Charles Kirchem and the rest of the staff really helped me a great deal. They made a world of difference in my range of motion and discomfort. I also just enjoyed the friendliness of the environment from the folks at the front desk to the therapists. Highly recommended!"
Oct 10, 2017
"I had daily lower back pain with normal activities when i was referred to City Park PT by my neurologist. They were very compassionate and did a thorough evaluation, starting me on exercises slowly to build my core strength. After 8 weeks I had a significant pain reduction and improvement in mobility, and 10 months later, I'm keeping up with the exercises they prescribed at home, to maintain a healthy muscle tone and strong core. I look back and before PT, thought I would need pain meds or surgery to manage the pain, but now it's minimal thanks to the care and education I received at City Park PT. I also loved seeing how they help seniors stay active through their Wellness program. City Park PT is a great place to rehabilitate!"
Aug 25, 2017
"I'm in customer service so I know that it's not common for people to circle back and say, thank you! Well, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm doing sooooo much better and will continue with my exercises because they keep my core strong and pain down. I moved from New Orleans to Laurel, MS and I bought a house that needs work, It's on a beautiful lake and I'm able to do the work with precautions taken for my back. Thank you for the great care by your excellent team and I enjoyed seeing how they care for the seniors who visit for wellness too. God bless you all and keep up the good work!"
Aug 25, 2017
"Right Shoulder pain. AFTER THERAPY MUCH BETTER."
Jul 17, 2017
"I am from New Jersey. While visiting family & friends in NOLA I had the good fortune to continue my PT while recovering from rotator cuff surgery. I suffered large tears in a number of tendons of the rotator cuff and biceps muscle that had to be reattached with a total of five anchors. The staff at City Park PT were professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I had the good fortune to work with Brandie Doskey, PT, DPT. She expertly followed my surgeons protocol for PT. I was able to continue the progress that I made in NJ and extend my range of motion, flexibility and strength. All of the City Park staff treated their patients with respect and a genuine concern for their well-being. I recommend City Park PT to anyone."
May 12, 2017
"I was seen because of a pinched nerve giving me pain down my left leg. Pain in the day as well as at night in bed. While seeing the therapist, something in my left thigh hurt. He helped me. I had only 5 or 6 visits and I am today pain free."
Mar 22, 2017
"Of all the physical therapy I had, this experience was the very best. Time, energy and expertise went into every session. My whole body feels so much better. I can sleep without waking up to pains in my feet, legs, neck and back. I am so very grateful."
Dec 01, 2016
"I am 89 years old My weeks of physical therapy made me stronger and improved my balance. The staff were very professional and well-trained."
Aug 29, 2016
"Exceeded expectations - front desk staff friendly and helpful, Brandi was a delight and knew her stuff. I feel much better!"
Aug 26, 2016
"CP PT met my expectations and went beyond! Everyone who works there is super friendly and helpful. Charles is an amazing physical therapist. He has improved my quality of life so much- I can't believe I'm able to start running again. Thanks so much-y'all are the best!"
Aug 26, 2016
"Excellent experience! I have been battling lower back, but and hamstring issues for over a year. I have been to multiple doctors (chiropractor, orthopedist, neurosurgeon, neurology, rheumatology and a podiatrist) and went through x-rays/MRI before making progress with PT at City Park."
Aug 15, 2016
"The care is very personal and very kind. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect."
Aug 05, 2016
"IT's my second time at City Park PT, this time for post-op knee surgery. Service is the best, very knowledgable therapists. Nice and friendly staff. I would recommend. They will get you back to your enjoying life without pain."
May 16, 2016
"Had an opportunity to work with Charles Kirchem following knee replacement surgery. Found him and the staff at City Park Physical Therapy to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. The facility was clean, well managed, and for me, easy to get to. I was seen at my designated appointment time and then off to work. I would recommend them to anyone."
May 09, 2016
"The City Park Physical Therapy staff go above and beyond to help their patients. I came in for a labral tear, to build strength in order to avoid surgery. After 2 months of the program, Charles, Penny, and others have helped me reach my goal of no pain, increased mobility, and i'm riding my bike again!!! I couldn't put my socks on when I first walked in here and now I feel so much stronger having made adjustments and built strength. The hard part will be keeping up home exercise after its done, but i'm highly motivated!!"
May 03, 2016
"I am 82 years old and came to class with severe pain on the right side of my body with sharp pain from hip to toe caused by sciatic nerve causing sever burning. Leaving class with 100% improvement."
Apr 19, 2016
"I am a dentist who has experienced mid-back and shoulder pain in December. City Park Physical Therapy made an appointment for me the next day. Randy assessed my condition and helped alleviate my pain over the two months following. It is now April and I am pain free and I can see patients all day with no discomfort. Big thanks to Randy and his team at City Park Physical Therapy."
Apr 06, 2016
"Everyone there was wonderful, and treatment was quick and effective. By far the shortest, most effective treatment I've gotten. I would definitely go back."
Apr 01, 2016
"The staff was always helpful. The therapist are knowledgeable and explained the dynamics of the exercise. The benefits of PT are beneficial and will worth the time and effort."
Mar 18, 2016
"I feel a lot better and stronger since my therapy. They helped me recover from hip surgery. The best ever after 5 hip replacements."
Mar 18, 2016
"1. Treated for back pain 2. Treated for right shoulder pain Charles did an excellent job. Pain has decreased a lot and I feel better."
Mar 08, 2016
"Great place for PT. Would highly recommend. Friendly staff and a convenient location."
Feb 25, 2016
"Excellent PT and staff. Motivated me to push myself. Would highly recommend CP PT to anyone."
Feb 25, 2016
"I was very satisfied with the service I got and the personal at City Park Physical Therapy and wish I could go there for the rest of my life at least once a week."
Feb 17, 2016
"Location is truly wonderful! Everyone is friendly, effective, professional and thorough. My progress was fantastic! I am ready for Mardi Gras and LIFE!!"
Feb 08, 2016
"Very knowledgeable, very competent. Great atmosphere. Very friendly and caring!"
Feb 04, 2016
"Following a fall in August 2015, my left humerus, mid-way, was broken. After wearing a plastic type sleeve until the bone was healed. I began going to physical therapy at CPPT. It was a tremendous benefit for my left arm. as I can now do many things without difficulty. Thanks to the expertise of the therapist, Charles Kirchem, I am able to function in a normal way."
Feb 03, 2016
"This is to let Amy Lady me that these people here are very good people and they are so friendly and nice to be around and they know what they are doing."
Feb 03, 2016
"Brandie's hands on approach and coaching allowed me to recover more quickly. She tailored a program that changed as my condition improved and set me up for long-term success. Julie and Lisa kept me on track with appointment reminders and handled insurance claims efficiently. The office is conveniently located and has flexible hours. I have already recommended them to family and friends."
Dec 01, 2015
"The whole experience was an absolute pleasure. The people were great. The whole staff was very helpful and accommodating. At the end I was completely rehabilitated and would recommend City Park Physical Therapy to anyone. P.S. Not only was I treated well but everyone who came through the door was also treated with complete care."
Sep 30, 2015
"What an awesome place to go for physical therapy! Very professional group who produced the very best results using a wide range of techniques. I was very, very satisfied and would recommend this group to anyone."
Sep 16, 2015
"Convenient and ease of appointments."
Sep 10, 2015
"I enjoyed my experience and left with complete use of my shoulders and was pain free."
Aug 27, 2015
"The best - Thank you Randy, Charles, Ellie and Thomas for getting me back to pilates, yoga, hiking and biking!"
Aug 17, 2015
"I could not think of a better place for physical therapy. I loved it."
Aug 11, 2015
"I felt right at home. They were dedicated to getting me back on my feet. It was really great to work with City Park physical therapy."
Aug 06, 2015
Jul 31, 2015
"It was more then I expected. Outstanding, I feel 100% better."
Jul 30, 2015
"I always had a great time with the people, and I always got a good workout (but never too much)."
Jul 28, 2015
"The therapy I received at City Park Physical Therapy, was extensive and thorough. The staff was both professional and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone needing their service."
Jul 17, 2015
"I came to City Park PT to rehab an old shoulder injury that flared up to an un-ignorable level. I was having trouble doing my job, sleeping through the night and migraines. Since going here I am able to sleep like a baby again, the headaches have ceased and I have less pain at work. Progressive, informative and realistic. I felt they were just as invested in my therapy as I was. Always adjusting to get the best results. Above and beyond answered every little question and concern I may have. Always professional and friendly. I will, and have recommended this place to anyone who finds themselves"
Jul 09, 2015
"I was referred to City Park Physical Therapy for lower back pain. I had a great experience!! Everyone there was knowledgeable and seemed truly motivated to get me back to normal. I worked mostly with Randy and was impressed that he assessed my progress each visit. They adjusted the exercises and treatment each time. This was a much more positive experience than any other physical therapy I received. I would request City Park Physical Therapy if I need treatment in the future."
Jul 02, 2015
"Great team to work with. Addressed all of my concerns and got me working out again."
Jun 01, 2015
"I liked the service I got at City Park Physical Therapy. The therapy helped me very much. I can raise my arm over my head. Wow. That was great. Thank you so much guys."
Jun 01, 2015
"I received excellent and timely service. It was easy to schedule appointments and the staff is professional and friendly. Bottom line, I am much improved. I highly recommend City Park Physical Therapy."
May 12, 2015
"People were great and enjoyed working with them"
May 08, 2015
"Very professional and enjoyable experience. Excellent staff--courteous and friendly. Easy to make appointments. Achieved all my post-op goals. Would recommend City Park PT to my friends."
May 08, 2015
"The care provided to me was excellent. Everyone was professional, friendly, and quick to make sure I understood what was causing my pain and how to treat it. Brandie's care was top-notch and I feel worlds better now. Stephen was also very attentive and helpful throughout my treatment. I would highly recommend their services."
May 04, 2015
"Thanks to CITY PARK PT, Randy and staff helped me make a speedy recovery THANKS ."
Apr 29, 2015
"Great customer service! The staff was committed to helping me get better. The atmosphere is light and fun! Would definitely recommend this establishment to anyone."
Apr 28, 2015
"Totally loved the staff and service of the City Park Physical Therapy crew! I would recommend them to anyone!"
Apr 27, 2015
"This is the only place I recommend to friends and family."
Apr 24, 2015
"I had a good experience. The staff seemed knowledgable and helped me rehabilitate my knee. I would recommend this business."
Apr 21, 2015
"Good facility, smart staff, straight to business"
Apr 16, 2015
"Helpful, clear instructions that are easy to repeat at home."
Apr 09, 2015
"They were really nice and very intuitive in my recovery oof my foot."
Apr 09, 2015
"I was treated efficiently and effectively. I would recommend City Park Physical Therapy to anyone - including my husband!"
Apr 06, 2015
"Intriguing. I learned new exercises and the correct ways to do them."
Apr 01, 2015
"Love this place. Staff is very friendly. Facility is very clean. I highly recommend. I had 9 visits and I feel amazing. Randy helped me walk again and can't thank him enough. He's an amazing therapist.😊"
Mar 24, 2015
"City Park Therapy has gained my trust and customer loyalty. The staff is friendly and they make you feel like family. Randy, the PT, has been implemental in getting me back to walking and fully recovering from my injury and he has great bedside manners. My first day at City Park Therapy Julie greeted me with a big smile and helped me feel very comfortable. Steven, one of the assistants, also took really good care of me and has an awesome personality. I would suggest anyone that is in need of physical therapy to visit Randy and the staff at City Park Therapy!"
Mar 17, 2015
"Randy helped me develop an exercise routine to relieve cervical neck pain from an older injury. With a few visits he was able to help me enormously with pain and discomfort while informing me of exactly what was going on and how I could help myself outside of therapy. The staff is great and I highly recommend this office."
Mar 12, 2015
"Randy was very professional in every aspect of my therapy. Very good therapist and teacher . I will strongly reccommend City Park Physical Therapy to everyone i know."
Mar 05, 2015
"I liked the hands on treatment which Randy perfomed on my shoulder. The staff at City Park PT were just lovely."
Mar 04, 2015
"A great experience staff outstanding all very professional and pleasant to be with doing much better than my first visit will definitly recommen ,"
Feb 18, 2015
"Professional, great location and they can get the job done."
Feb 12, 2015
"Randy made my injury 90% better in my shoulder and back. Randy is very knowledgeable therapist who also help my wife and daughter. The home work out programe he put me on helps out after therapy was over."
Feb 12, 2015
"Everything was great. All staff was friendly caring and knowlegeable. I learned alot."
Feb 05, 2015
"I had two back-to-back referrals to City Park PT for two different problems. So my time there was extensive and i got to know the staff quite well. Brandie, Stephen and Tess were all very nice, caring, considerate, attentive and very skilled. I felt that my problems were addressed properly and i made significant progress over the course of my treatment. Their style and environment was relaxed and fun and it was always a pleasure to spend time at City Park PT. I will recommend their services to others for sure. Thank you City Park PT, i was privileged to enjoy your excellent therapy!"
Jan 29, 2015
"Hi, I wrote a review for Lisa on Yelp, and I just wanted to let y'all know that you can put it on your testimonials page too if you want. Here's the text: "After my c section I needed physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction, but I could only find one other pt in town who did that kind of therapy and she didn't have any appointments available. I ended up going to see Lisa at City Park pt and she was wonderful. The evaluation and treatment for pelvic floor can be kind of embarrassing, but she made me feel totally at ease. And most importantly, I'm cured! l"
Jan 28, 2015
"Randy and Stephen take really good care of my mother. They show patience towards her and that is why she loves showing up."
Jan 27, 2015
"Very infrequently in the medical setting does one notice an office that personifies all the ideals of professionalism. City Park Physical Therapy is a stellar facility for rehabilitation and pain management. Brandie Doskey is an exceptional physical therapist who has given me quality care as well as all staff members. A positive , friendly , therapeutic environment that certainly has my recommendation."
Jan 26, 2015
"Ver knowledgeable in his profession. I would recommend his services to anyone needing them."
Jan 06, 2015
"I would recommend City Park physical therapy due to the fact that i am walking out 80% to 85% better. The staff was very attentive, honest, and friendly."
Jan 05, 2015
"Great environment freind helpful staff Went above and beyond in m shoulder rehab.Randy and the whole staff are great!"
Jan 05, 2015
"As a client of City Park a Therapy, I can truly say that I feel so much better because of two gentlemen Randy and Steven. My injury really changed my life, their approach to therapy helps to take away the fear and at the same time your body is definitely healing. City Park Therapy your system works, hats off to a friendly and professional team. May God continue to Bless your business."
Jan 02, 2015
"Everybody here is very nice and professional. I had great experience."
Dec 30, 2014
"Randy Steven and the rest of the stafff are extremely courteous and very professional. Their knowledge of the muscless and related framework is astonding. My overalll expience has been reward>n. I highly recommend this facilit."
Dec 30, 2014
"I highly recommend cit park physical therapy. I had both knees replaced and the staff was wonderful. Randy Rose is exeptional with the amount of experience a personal touch. The friendly staff creates a welcoming atmosphere and will not hesitate to see them again."
Dec 30, 2014
"It was great going to therapy even though there was pain involved. The help of Randy and Stephen helped me get on my feet and help me to stretch and walk better. All in all, a tremendous experience."
Dec 30, 2014
"Never a wait at City Park PT. It was a pleasure learning new exercises in this positive and upbeat environment. Randy and the crew are knowledgeable and supportive. They taught me how to take care of back issues on my own. The text reminders are a great touch."
Nov 24, 2014